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"...Another "plus" in our goal of offering the highest in customer service to everyone coming to our hospital. It
has been a wonderful decision to change our floral unit to the style you offer."
Donna Kearns, Volunteer Services Manager
Florida Hospital, Daytona Beach, FL
"Amazing...An effortless money maker. I have received many positive comments from staff and visitors regard-
ing the "smart idea" to sell flowers 24 hours a day."
Randy Elms, Director Support Services
Baylor University Med. Ctr. at Dallas, Dallas, TX
"We were amazed and pleased that we experienced an immediate increase in our revenue. ...our sales have in-
creased by an average of 58%."
Tracy Nordbak, Director Volunteer Services
Downey Regional Med. Ctr., Los Angeles, CA
"We are approaching the 5th anniversary of partnership with 24-Hour Flower...we have sold over 8,700 arrange-
ments generating over $25,500.00 for the hospital."
Susan Hester, Director Community Services
WakeMed Hospital, Raleigh, NC
"The units are well designed and maintained...we have received nothing but very positive comments...thank you
for adding a touch of class to our Arrivals Hall."
Ed Paquette, Executive Director
Terminal One, JFK International Airport, NY
"A win-win situation ...we do not have to do anything except supply the electricity and phone line. Thank you
for helping us to provide this much needed and utilized service."
Camille Horn, Director Volunteer Services
St. Vincent's Med. Ctr. Jacksonville, FL
"We do nothing but collect the monthly commission check. Our appreciation to 24-Hour Flower for the excel-
lent service provided to our hospital over the past 19 years."
William Renwick, Vice President
Tuomey Health System, Sumter, S.C.
"...Delighted that 24-Hour Flower could provide this service while absorbing a minimum amount of square
footage...attractive and modern looking...we highly recommend 24-Hour Flower"
Cynthia Cicero, Airport Contract Specialist
McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, NV